Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program


The Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program connects experienced women in higher education with aspiring female talent for professional growth and development in a supportive, one on one environment. The program aims to provide both parties with a rewarding professional experience.


Our mission is to expand Marist's diversity initiatives by offering women administrators a mentor program that provides opportunities for professional development at Marist College. By creating a formal culture of mentorship, this voluntary program seeks to encourage leadership development through educational events, training, and relationship building among women in higher education.


The Advisory Committee of the Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program would like to extend its gratitude to the Women's Leadership Alliance (WLA) of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. The WLA graciously shared its information and ideas, which played an integral role in shaping the program at Marist.


Many talented female employees from all parts of the Marist College administration elect to participate in and benefit from the Women's Mentor Program. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share some of their inspiring backgrounds and stories with the community!

Jane Fiore - Director Academic Learning Center (Mentor)

K. Renee Springate - Assistant Director, Enrollment Marketing and Communications (Mentee)  




I began working at Marist College in the fall of 1992 as an adjunct instructor for the Academic Learning Center. In 1999, I became the Coordinator of Tutoring and Mathematics, a full-time position. For the past 4 years I have served as the Director of the Academic Learning Center. I would recommend the Women's Mentor Program to other professional women on campus. It is a great opportunity for professional development.

The most beneficial aspect of the program is the opportunity to meet with the other women on campus that I may not have contact with in the course of my normal working day. Also, the program did an excellent job matching me with a very compatible mentee. We try to meet for lunch twice a month and this has worked very well for us.

If someone is interested in joining the program I would suggest that they speak with women who have been involved, both as a mentor or a mentee. Also, I would say to just give it a try. It enhances your professional life, and the   time commitment is very manageable.


I started working at Marist in February of 2002 as the Program Coordinator in Upward Bound.  During the summer of 2006, I became the Assistant Director of Enrollment Marketing and Communications. I would definitely recommend the Women’s Mentor Program. It is a great resource for the women here on campus.

For me, the best part of the program has been working with my mentor.  Over the past year, we have cultivated a mutual relationship built on trust and understanding. With her help and guidance, I have reevaluated my personal, educational and professional goals. My mentor and I have tried to meet twice a month for lunch. It gives us the opportunity to catch up on life, as well as address the goals I have established for myself.

As a person who some might label as shy, this program has helped me to step outside my comfort zone. As a piece of advice, I would suggest others do the same and step out of the familiar and into the unknown. We can learn so much from others and their unique experiences.