Diversity Council

Marist College Diversity Council Charge

The Diversity Council will serve as an advisory body for all operational initiatives. The Council will also focus on the following:

  • Review the results of the College's employment practices pertaining to hiring, retention, and promotion in all areas of the college including faculty and staff.
  • Discuss issues and concerns related to affirmative action, equal opportunity, diversity management, equity and employee training.
  • Discuss and recommend strategies for increasing the diversity of the workforce and student body.
  • Assist in the development of activities to promote cultural diversity in the College community.
  • Meet annually with the President to discuss issues and progress on diversity at the College.



Review and recommend a communication strategy for promoting and celebrating diversity within the internal and external communities.

Sub-committee Members

  • Melinda Martinez, Co-Chair
  • Colin McCann, Co-Chair
  • Desmond Murray
  • Jeff Bass
  • James Snyder
  • Harrison Baker

Outreach, Inclusion & Access

Identify, recommend, and/or provide the campus community with educational programs that promote diversity and inclusion, and advocate for those in need of a voice on the Marist community.

Sub-committee Members

  • Jessica Macias, Co-Chair
  • Alyssa Gates, Co-Chair
  • Julio A. Torres, Jr.
  • Brother Michael Flanigan
  • Maryellen Conway
  • Sarah Tsang

Recruitment & Retention

Review the College’s student, faculty and staff recruitment and retention practices and provide recommendations to help foster a diverse campus community.

Sub-committee Members

  • Haseeb Arroon, Co-Chair
  • Irene Buccieri, Co-Chair
  • Addrain Conyers
  • Tim Murray
  • Sharon Wellington-DeAnda

Training and Assessment

Review and recommend appropriate diversity training and assessment resources for students, faculty, and staff in collaboration with Human Resources and Institutional Research.

Sub-committee Members

  • Iris Ruiz-Grech, Co-Chair
  • Isabel Rose, Co-Chair
  • Dashawn Jones
  • Stacy Williams
  • Katy Silberger
  • Al Abdelrahman

Full List of Council Members