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Welcome to the Office of Housing & Residential Life. 
Residential life is an integral part of the total educational experience. The residential life program at Marist College is based upon the philosophy of providing students with a safe, healthy, and attractive living environment that supports and supplements the educational mission of the College. Marist College provides housing for over 3,300 undergraduate students in corridor, suite, apartment and townhouse style residences.

Students are housed using a 'rites of passage' philosophy, which recognizes that a student's developmental stage should be supported by his/her living environment. Therefore, freshmen students are housed in residence halls designed to promote social interaction, and staffed with individuals trained to work with freshmen and their specific adjustments.

As students move from freshman to senior year they are housed in more independent living environments (suite style, townhouses and apartments) which helps to prepare them for their eventual move out into the world following graduation. Along the way they acquire certain freedoms and responsibilities that will help them develop into mature and responsible citizens.

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Rotunda (Student Center) Room 387 [Campus Map #32]

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