Students Transferring to Marist are Thriving

Marist welcomes approximately 300 transfer students per year from two-year and four-year colleges in the United States and abroad. Transfer students consistently cite the strong sense of community, abundant abroad opportunities, and fluid academic boundaries that blend experiential learning, research, and traditional classroom instruction among their top reasons for choosing Marist.

Transferring to Marist allows students to pursue their academic ambitions in an environment that will accommodate the unique needs of transfer students. In fact, 20% of Marist undergrads transferred here – that’s one in five students, and it speaks directly to the strong sense of community the College is recognized for.

One of the main reasons Marist is ranked so highly by US News, Princeton Review, and Barron’s, among many others, is the undergraduate students. Our transfers in particular consistently prove to be the most academically driven, innovative, and self-aware students. Their prior college experience has helped them understand exactly what they want, and they’ve come to Marist to achieve it.

Hear from Transfer Students and Faculty

Hear from Transfer Students and Faculty

Marist students share their experience joining the campus community as a transfer student. Faculty share their perspective on students who have transferred to Marist College and discuss how the classroom experience is enhanced by diversity and students coming from different backgrounds.

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